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Stillpoint Healing

Stillpoint Healing builds relationships by sharing their story.

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About Our Client

Stillpoint believes in the potential to heal. It begins with them listening to your story with compassion, respect and the expectation for positive change. Their therapeutic process includes: engaging life experiences, resolving life conflicts and reinventing life possibilities. The practice has four therapists who provide individual, relationship and family therapy in Greenwood, Indiana. They also have a specialty in Brainspotting, a therapy used to help patients recover from emotional trauma.

What They Needed

Stillpoint's team needed a new website to better tell their story. Their previous site was not responsive and operated on an older WordPress content management system. This made it difficult to read on a mobile - and updates were challenging to upload.

But first, they needed a game plan. Stillpoint recently added two therapists to the practice and wanted to engage more clients. Their business plan called for a focus on people with specific therapy needs and to create a consistent message. They also were interested in digital marketing options to help tell their story.

How We Helped

Our team worked with their therapists on a new Marketing Plan and Website. Their Marketing Plan identified ways to connect their expertise and experience with people who they could best help. The Clever Dogs Media partners created the phrase "So You Can Heal" as the heart of their value proposition, and recommended ways to leverage that message in digital marketing programs. Through our process, we helped identify a buyer persona, discover keywords and create a strategy to connect Stillpoint with the right fit client.

We also created a new Zephyr website that shares information about their services, helpful blogs, a pillar page on Brainspotting and artwork created by their clinical director. The website will serve as the centerpiece of their digital marketing programs going forward. 

What We Learned

Unfortunately, there is a great need for emotional and behavioral therapy services. Fortunately, there are dedicated professionals like those at Stillpoint who devote their careers to serving those in need. We learned the emotional challenges can be complex. Therefore, it is important for people to find the right therapist who has the experience and training to help them. This project confirmed the importance of using keywords to connect services to the right audience.

We saw once again the value of a pillar page. Brainspotting, a therapy designed specifically for people who are suffering from physical or emotional trauma, is a relatively new therapy. We helped the client develop a pillar page devoted to the therapy, which is one of their specialties. They want to be known as an expert in the therapy, and the pillar page helps.