Clever Dogs Media

Nikki Johnson

What She Does

Nikki takes care of our websites - posting new content, writing custom coding and handling everything technical. She loves working with Clever Dogs Media clients and makes certain requests are handled quickly and efficiently.

Nikki Johnson's Story

Nikki is a tech-savvy adventurer with an MBA and a Computer Science background. She dedicated over a decade to providing support for a SaaS CPQ application, then switched gears, and fostered her dream of working on websites. Ever since, she's been hooked on creating and fixing websites and fostering meaningful connections.

People are her passion - she enjoys learning about diverse businesses and lending a hand wherever possible. Whether it's brainstorming solutions or simply sharing a cup of coffee, she thrives on building relationships and creating positive impacts.

When not working on websites, she enjoys capturing life's moments through photography. She has four kids, two pups and a crabby cat to photograph. She's lived in Minnesota her whole life and enjoys teaching friends and family to make lefse.


Image of Nikki Johnson