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Johnson County Recycling District

The Johnson County Recycling District Helps Sustain Our Environment

Clever Dogs Media l Franklin Indiana

About Our Client

The Johnson County Recycling District was created by Indiana State Statute in 1991 to help our community reduce, reuse, recycle and properly dispose of solid waste. The District provides services and information aimed at diverting waste from landfills and keeping hazardous materials out of our soil, air and water.

What They Needed

The executive director sought to replace an old Wordpress site with one that improved the user experience. The district also wanted a new site that was SEO-friendly and responsive. Beyond having information about recycling, they also wanted a resource center where they can post blogs, videos and other information about sustainability efforts.

How We Helped

We built a new HubSpot website that tells the story and serves as the mothership of their community education efforts. The site includes easy navigation, fast load speed, beautiful photographs and responsive design.