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Hillview Country Club

Historic Hillview Country Club has quite a story to tell.

Hillview Country Club

About Our Client

Since 1926, Hillview has been a place where children play in the pool, newlyweds dance at their receptions, entrepreneurs sign deals over lunches and avid golfers sink crucial putts to capture the leaderboards.

Hillview has the reputation as one of Central Indiana’s most family-friendly country clubs. Its beautiful setting and easy location near Interstate 65 have made it a favorite place for family and friends to meet and socialize.

In 2013, long-time Franklin residents Pete Grimmer, Jim Admire and Max Woodbury purchased the club – injecting new energy and charting a bright future for Hillview. They meticulously renovated the facilities and upgraded the golf course.

In 2015, the rejuvenated banquet facility project was completed, along with upgrades to the swimming pool and Lou’s Den snack bar.

What They Needed

To help make the revitalized club a success, the partners asked us to develop a Strategic Marketing Plan, create a new brand and build a new website. We also are helping with digital marketing activities, including social media and blogs.

How We Helped

The new brand is called "Hillview Time", and promotes the benefits of spending quality time with family and friends at Hillview. The new logo was created by our graphic design parter, Emilee Miller of EM Photography & Design.

We also updated their Wordpress website with a new design and SEO-friendly content. The website was moved to our server partner to help improve performance and provide more comprehensive and local technical support.

What We Learned

A new chapter is being written in Hillview’s long history – one that will be memorable for generations to come.

We were pleased to help Hillview Country Club write it.


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