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Franklin Education Connection

Franklin Education Connection has quite a story to tell.

Franklin Education Connection

About Our Client

This non-profit organization supports innovative, creative and proven ways to promote learning in Franklin Community Schools in Central Indiana.

What They Needed

Franklin Education Connection needed a new website to secure donations and volunteers.

How We Helped

We worked with the group to create and organize the content and present a new website.

The site met the organization's goals of:

  • featuring easy ways to donate and volunteer to the organization.
  • promoting the Foundation and the Study Buddy program.
  • making the site responsive, so it could be easily viewed on a computer, tablet or cell phone.
  • engaging the user with lots of calls to action.
  • having a secure, reliable Content Management System.

We also retooled the organization's logo.

What We Learned

This is a great example of how a non-profit organization tells its story more proactively and affordably.