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Clever Dogs Partner Sean Miller Retires

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Sean Miller, co-founding partner of Clever Dogs Media, has announced his retirement effective December 31. He had been planning this move for more than a year to spend more time with his family and to travel.

Jeff Owen, the other founding partner, is purchasing Miller's ownership and will continue operating the digital marketing firm in Franklin, Indiana.

"I am forever grateful to Sean for inviting me to launch Clever Dogs Media," said Owen. "I am extraordinarily proud of the work that we have accomplished. Together, we built dozens of websites, added clients from across the country, conducted many productive strategy sessions and kept the business going during a pandemic."

Miller and Owen founded the firm in 2017 and grew it to include clients in 10 Indiana counties and in Texas, California and North Carolina. Their largest clients include Johnson Memorial Health and Tara Treatment Center in Franklin, Indiana. The firm has built websites within various industries but has specialized in healthcare, professional services, nonprofit organizations and small businesses.

"Professionally, I am going to miss Sean’s extraordinary experience, keen wisdom and thoughtful insight. I know our clients will, too. Personally, I am going to miss hanging out with a great friend every day. Even though he is leaving the firm, our 40-year friendship will continue," Owen said,

Miller was formerly a partner and president of Promex Technologies, a medical device manufacturing company in Franklin, Indiana and had worked in the accounting field. 

Owen said he will continue doing the work that clients have come to expect going forward with a network of digital marketing partners. "As has been the case for several years, I will be supported by a talented group of professionals from our agency partners who provide content management, tech support and creative services."

The firm originally had an office in Greenwood, Indiana but moved to Franklin earlier this year.