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Brown County Guardian ad Litem

Brown County GAL is the Voice for the Voiceless

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About Our Client

The Brown County Guardian ad Litem recruits, trains and supports volunteers to advocate for the best interests of children who are victims of abuse or neglect. Volunteers are appointed by the Court to be “the voice of the child” in juvenile court proceedings and to make recommendations for services that will ensure a safe and permanent home for every child involved in litigation who needs the support of a Guardian ad Litem.

What They Needed

The executive director and volunteer board sought to replace an old Wordpress site with one that tells their story, recruits advocates and helps with support. The organization had a strong brand but needed a new site that was SEO-friendly, responsive and provided a great user experience. 

How We Helped

We built a new HubSpot website that tells the story and serves as the mothership of their marketing efforts. The site includes easy navigation, fast load speed, beautiful images and responsive design.