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THE BOB & TOM SHOW has a funny story to tell.

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About Our Client

Inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame and a favorite of millions, THE BOB & TOM SHOW has a track record of generating ratings and revenue success, beating the competition and taking affiliates to the top. The show also is a 5-Time Marconi Awards winner for outstanding radio programming. THE BOB & TOM SHOW is heard weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m. nationwide and on the American Forces Radio Network.

What They Needed

The management team approached us about creating a new website for their marketing efforts to local affiliates. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, THE BOB & TOM SHOW airs on 100 affiliated station throughout the United States. The team had an older WordPress website that local station advertising sales representatives used for their marketing information. Also, local stations needed to sign onto the site to download important audio files for show promotion and performer-voiced local commercials.

Their website was built on an older version of WordPress, which was slow to load and suffered from plug-in technical issues. They also needed to update their messaging to their local affiliates and an improved user experience. 

How We Helped

We produced a new Zephyr website that features a beautiful layout, easy navigation and ultra-quick load speed. The content focuses on three audiences: 

  • the local affiliate sales staff who needs information about the show's audience reach, demographics and talent-generated local commercials; 
  • local radio station owners and managers who are considering an affiliate partnership with the show; 
  • and current affiliates who need a place to find and download content for promotional programs and commercials.

Besides building a new website, we developed strategic content that focused on their audiences and streamlined the user experience. We also reviewed and recommended a third-party SAAS solution for access to their affiliate content - using Smart Vault.

What We Learned

As long-time listeners of this morning show, we very much enjoyed working on this project. We gained a better understanding of the behind-the-scenes business operations of a radio content service. We also gained a greater appreciation of the roles the production and management teams play behind the scenes. 

At the end of the day, the lesson here was similar to the ones we find with other clients. If your product and service are relevant and outstanding and you can effectively share your story, you can survive in business for years - even into the next generation.