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IN Retired Teachers Association

The Indiana Retired Teachers Association has quite a story to tell.

IN Retired Teachers Association

About Our Client

The non-profit organization, which has nearly 23,000 members and associate members, is the retirement partner and advocate voice for retired teachers throughout the state.

Since 1950, IRTA has worked on teacher retirement benefit issues at the Indiana General Assembly, helped guide the conversation about state education initiatives and developed various benefit partnerships for its members.

What They Needed

Executive Director Tom Mellish and IRTA board members came to us and asked for a strategic marketing plan to more effectively grow membership.

How We Helped

After developing a marketing plan, we called in our strategic partner, SpinWeb, to help rebrand IRTA and create a new website. The result was a new logo and an outstanding Zephyr website.

Our partnership includes:

  • creating engaging content for their new website.
  • developing and managing content for their social media channels.
  • assisting with Legislative Alerts on Indiana General Assembly session action that affects current and retired educators.
  • writing blogs and other Inbound Marketing content for their marketing efforts.

One of our most recent projects was developing an eGuide: How to Be a Great Nonprofit Board Member.

What We Learned

This is a great relationship with our strategic partner, SpinWeb, and the IRTA team. We continue to develop messaging and Inbound Marketing activities that are producing results.

We also came to appreciate the challenges retired educators face regarding their pension programs controlled by the General Assembly. We are pleased to help them engage their members.

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