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Deck the Walls Greenwood

Deck the Walls Greenwood has quite a story to tell.

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About Our Client

Deck the Walls of Greenwood, Indiana provides custom framing and unique decor that helps their clients make a statement about their home or business. A family business, the owners blend their expertise and experience with their clients; great ideas to create the ideal accents for beautiful rooms. They also work with interior designers on finishing touches that meet their clients' tastes. 

The Magee family has owned this franchise for many years and have built a loyal client base in the Indianapolis area. Their work can be seen in some of the area's most beautiful homes and in many local companies, including one of the state's largest healthcare providers. 

What They Needed

The marketing support from their franchiser is limited. The Magee's business began seeing more competition from Big Box stores such as Michael's and Hobby Lobby that provide framing services and room accent items. They sought out ways to help them identify their ideal clients, a strategy for messaging and a game plan to spend their marketing budget wisely and effectively.

How We Helped

We worked with the family on a Marketing Plan that assessed their market position against Big Box stores and privately owned framing and decor stores in the greater Indianapolis area. The plan identified two Buyer Personas - clients who they best serve and can grow their business. We also recommended partnerships that can bring referrals to their store.

We developed a value proposition statement and promise to those audiences - Make a Lasting Impression. The Marketing Plan also recommended focusing the marketing budget on digital advertising, regular social media posts and updated Google My Business account messaging. Finally, we completed a content update to their existing website, which is provided through their national franchise agreement.

What We Learned

As part of a national business, local franchisees sometimes are bound to limitations offered by the home office. However, they should not rely on the national marketing efforts to drive customers to their stores. By sharing what is unique about their business (family-owned, customer-centric), local franchise owners can personalize their customer relationships.

We also learned how small businesses can compete digitally with big box stores SEO programs - by emphasizing their unique selling position. In this case, it was the owners' experience and expertise. When you have a treasure framed at a big box store, it likely will be handled by someone who is not highly trained. At Deck the Walls in Greenwood, the owners are artistic and provide expert skills. That resonates with a specific audience.