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Community Congregational Church

One of our great joys is telling a great story about faith. Community Congregational Church in Franklin, Indiana has one.

Community Congregational Church

About Our Client

Community Congregational Church in rural Franklin, Indiana has a deep and rich heritage with roots that date back to the earliest days of Johnson County. In 1836, early settlers in the Hurricane Community founded churches affiliated with three different denominations.

Today, they desire their Sunday Morning Gatherings to do two things: honor God and engage people.

They strive to connect the two in such a way that every person who walks through the doors has an opportunity to discover something about who God is and what life with God is about.

What They Needed

Their members and pastor, the Rev. Dan McLaughlin, asked for help with a new website that would encourage people to explore life with God.

CCC's leadership did not want a traditional church website. Instead, Rev. Dan envisioned "an invitation to connect and engage", using assuring words and inspirational imagery.

How We Helped

The new website serves current members with a calendar of church events, a podcast of past services and church news. However, it primarily reaches out to visitors and potential new members. The content focuses on a "conversation" with those considering a journey of faith.

The CCC website was built on a Wordpress platform, and was customized to meet their church's desire for a clean and simple design and easy navigation.

What We Learned

This was a fascinating project. Though a historical church, the marketing team wanted to break the mold of traditional religious websites. 

We had to listen carefully to their unique marketing challenges and enjoyed helping them connect to their congregation and visitors.

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